Leave Blue Ivy alone



When I see how we treat Beyoncé’s daughter, it breaks my heart and reminds me of much bad memory in my own childhood. What hurts me the most is that she’s just a child. I write this article because more people need to start by recognizing that there are every kind of beauty, not just what the media shows us as beauty ideals on television, in magazines and even toys intended for children. Moreover, what is projected by the media is not real. Humans are evil, our hearts are dark. Since Blue Ivy was born, there are too many bad comments on her appearance, including on her hair, color, her nose, her mouth, the resemblance to her father and not much of the mother and more. There are too many hypocrites, racism, as many are the same people who idealize Beyoncé, who adore Jay-Z. These are the same fans who go to their concerts, who buy their music, their brand They make idolatry on Blue Ivy’s parents, but they are not able to respect their offspring. Blue Ivy is beautiful, kids are perfect, I love to hear them laugh, they are real, innocent.



I remember around 6-7 years that a neighbor in Haiti told me, no matter how beautiful the clothes I put on me, I would always remain ugly. I remember in 6th grade when a boy that I loved said I looked like a monkey because my nose is not typical European, the shape of the nose that we not shown in the media, the shape of a star nose before and now she had to exchange it through surgery because of psychological pressure. I remember when my grandmother who is more lighter than me, always told me that I did not have the right color, I do not have the right hair texture, my legs are crooked. I remember growing up, people telling me that I was not tall enough, I do not have enough butts, breasts, I’m too thin. The mouths of people are filled with vulgarities. Adults, children and family make comments that can destroy someone and spoil all their potential.

The impact is huge on us and I can speak well about my own experiences. This causes a great lack of self-confidence in all spheres of our lives. What we intended to do, to be, hearing all these comments since childhood, we start to believe it because we are now programmed. I did not have any support, nobody was defending me so it did not help my situation. I was orphaned and alone. Seeing my own race considering me too dark made me very upset and vulnerable so I started using skin lightening products as early as age 14. We cannot be racist of his own race, that’s ridiculous. This development of body complex also causes suicide, especially on young adolescents who are in a period when they are looking for themself. Just looking at the rate of suicide in Canada and the United States, we are destroying our world with our words. Hearing nasty words all my life, when I reached adulthood when a man told me I was beautiful that was all for me, so it caused some dependence. I came across anything, bad types. I even fell a few times on the devil himself, I was dependent on their words to feel good.



You know what? Now I am confident, I stopped letting myself be manipulated.I am not saying that there is nothing to work, but it is a thousand times better than a few years ago. I love my color, I am proud to be black, I do not let people say I do not have the right color. I love my lips, my eyes, my body. I am skinny and I embrace it. I wear my natural hair and still look good, putting some ‘brazilian bundles’ and still look good. I can go out now without makeup, before it was impossible. Now, whether I wear makeup or not, I find myself fabulous. “The devil is a liar” because when God created me, He saw that it was good. I absolutely refuse to hear someone say negative comments, you must put them in their place. I notice that I am more and more beautiful over the years because of this confidence. I no longer look at others by envy, but I appreciate the beauty of others, I castout dependent to others. All people are beautiful and are charming in their own way. I terribly regret having injured people in my turn just because I was hurt.


If you are not well surrounded, then learn to love yourself and fly away every person who put you down, even if it’s in your own family, let them go. It will take time, it will not happen overnight, especially if it goes back a long time, but you will defeat believe me. Wear things that fit you well, show your form, beautify what God has given you. I have nothing against surgery, but if you want to, do it for yourself and not for society, take the time to think because it is a no return. Make sport, stay fit. He created us beautiful, but we must keep our bodies beautiful and healthy, do not say that God loves you as you are then you eat fastfood all day and cause health problems. Thereafter it’ not what I understood the scripture. Keep up the good work.

Song of Solomon: 1: 5 ‘I am black but lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, Like the tents of Kedar, Like the curtains of Solomon.



BlueYvy when you can read, I hope you will read my testimony. You’re beautiful, a lovely little girl, God has created and then you’re precious, perfect. I am glad that you have parents who love you no matter what others may say about you, you are surrounded by love, grown in wisdom, in peace and trust in you.

Hebrews 10: 35 ‘Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.’



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