TOP Cheap things to do in Quebec City

WELCOME TO MY CITY! Are you looking for something to do in the Capital of Quebec? If you’re like me, you like to visit, discover many things, but you have a small budget, you are in the right place. Over the years I was able to organize myself to make the most of trips as I could afford. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE !  Me away from daily routines allows me to take a break from stress and just admire what is around me. I’m always looking for new activities, especially accessible for children because yes, I have a 6 years old little active girl.
Summer in Quebec is wonderful and I am delighted. I’ll list you what I like to do in my city at a low price and that will not make you poor. If you are a tourism and want more information, you can contact me.



LE PARC DE LA CHUTE-MONTMORENCY  is magnificent. When you come by bus it is only $ 2.64 per person and if you come by car, you will simply pay for parking at $ 7.05. Hey what about having a picnic? Once there, there are many activities to do later as the Zip Line, Cable etc. Please visit the website for more details.




This summer, the FESTIVAL D’ÉTÉ DE QUÉBEC  celebrates 50 years. It takes place from July 6 to July 16 on the Plains of Abraham, where all the great mass events in Quebec City take place. There are plenty of free stuff, tastings and plenty of shows on the Hydro-Québec stage, Fibe scene, Place de la Famille du Lait, Street Arts.


I love getting lost in the paths of the PARC NATIONAL DE LA JACQUES-CARTIER, seriously I really lost in these trails. Access to the site is free for children and it’s only $ 8.50 all day for adults. Arriving there you can go camping, fishing, kayaking and many more.



Laughter Festival COMEDIHA! will be held from June 11 to 28 There are hundreds of artists who make Stand Up, music, theater, etc. The Fabulous Circus Jean-Coutu, Cours Toutoune and more are totally free and will please children and adults alike.


Go watch the river on PROMENADE SAMUEL-DE-CHAMPLAIN  and the PORT DE QUÉBEC  It’s totally FREE!



Numerous artisans are on the RUE PETIT CHAMPLAIN. The view is stunning, you will not regret it.


The MÉGA PARC DES GALERIES DE LA CAPITALE is the largest indoor amusement park in Quebec. It’s great fun for both kids and adults. It is right in the center of La Capitale so if you have a desire to shop it worth it. There is everything, even a skating rink. To be able to benefit to the will to the rides at small price, go after 5 pm for an amount of 15 $ per person.



LA GRANDE ALLÉE  is located on the hill of Québec City, many restaurants are waiting for you. On this street you can walk to the Terrasse Dufferin and see the fabulous Château Frontenac.



The toys store BENJO , offers various free workshops during the holidays. For example, free ceramic workshops, free spins on their train. Monitor the site because the schedules of activities may vary.


It is in 10th place, but there is a lot of stuff in the BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE QUÉBEC , when you click this link, it puts you in direct wholes projections show and free movies, family activities, workshops animations and more.



Do you have other thing I can do this summer? Leave a comment and I’ll be happy to read it. Thank you for visiting and please SHARE.

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