Hi, its Miss Sonhador, single, newborn Christian more than one year, mother of a little girl of 6 years. I am with you today to enumerate the benefits I found in celibacy, no attendance, nothing at all. I will try to be as true as possible; I will not hide anything because it is my testimony. Besides, I have many; all my life has been a testimony. Brace yourself! I already know that they will judge me, point me at the finger, but I do not care because I will have given hope to at least 1 person and that suits me.

First of all it’s not easy to stay single when you almost always had someone in your life. It’s difficult for some people, even more so when this person is advanced in age, especially for women, but I think it’s just the social pressure coming from those colleagues, family, friends, and so on. There is no maximum age for getting married, be patient.

In short, celibacy is tamed. I will list the benefits that I discovered for years. These are my experiences and I live them now. I share them to you because maybe a person will be inspired. I’m not an expert, I’m not saying that my single life is perfect, but I know where I come from and I saw my changes. Nor is it for me to dictate what to do with your life, far from it, but to give you ideas, you inspire to wait for the right person in your life like I’m doing right now.

I read a lot of comments on the internet of people who made me feel sad because I have experienced it before. Being unmarried, they are depressed, they are tired of their single life, they lose hope to wait for the right one. There are even those who resigned to be with someone they do not like , they just afraid to finish alone. Either you change the way you do; get out, register in sports, try to surround yourself with good people, otherwise, this is just not the time, this is the time to do other plan. When I am ready to marry, God will give me the person I have always dreamed of. There is no fire!



I gotten to know myself lately, even 2 years ago I did not know who I really was. I always focused on someone else, instead of getting to know myself before I have to know someone else. Instead of looking for who was actually God, my creator, who has infinite love for me, I was waiting for a boyfriend’s texts that may have been with other chicks in a club. In the final, it was a waste of time. I understood why I always act like that after several years, being too dependent on human affection, this is due to circumstances in my childhood. I have no regrets, but shit that I have the mania to experiment from around and then realize that it was not good.





I dedicate myself more to my hobbies. I love long walk in nature, I love to discover new things in my neighborhood. I like to swim and play with my daughter. We make our nails together, guessing games, memory game, we go to the park, escalade, skating etc. n. I also like to read blogs, see some interesting Youtube videos. I love to travel too. I like to see the world so I went in a few country on a budget, I will make Blog in the future how to go on vacation on a budget. Take care of you to not be bored! For I soon as I find a time to get bored, that’s when negative thoughts come to me; I’m going to stay single all my life. The devil is a liar!




Well, when I gave my life to Jesus, I said to myself that I had to begin to learn and understand the Scripture. I found difficult to read the Bible at first. We, as christian do not even understand the Bible in the same way, so I do not have a lot of people to ask question. Everyone says different things, interprets them in their own way. No matter what religion you are, you must have wisdom, discernment. So, I asked God to give me the Spirit of Wisdom so that I would not get influenced by people who have a dark heart, even Satan himself. With me you have to be patient because I love to ask questions. I meditate much more on Scripture, I enjoy myslef now. I do a lot of research and at the same time I spend quality time with God. In short, I devoted myself to the Scripture, to knowing God and his works. Yes I have up and down, but still here! When I do not have time to read the Bible I put the audio CD in my car, besides I bind it more quickly like that. Good quality time by being single.



Do volunteering or you can be active in your university. When I returned to university I began to be more active at events, associations. Some of them even open other doors. I like to volunteer in organizations that are important to me, it helps me serving my society, I feel more useful, I like to make people laugh, encourage others and just meet new people, having fun.



I went back to school, I worked. In my spare time I write. I create goals for myself, I try to surpass them. I have done many small projects, creating a small business. In short, I want to succeed. I am not afraid of falling, but never try anything my whole life. So I try a lot of things I like. I absolutely want to do all the will of God, I want to receive all my blessings before I die. It is out of the question that I leave this earth without surpassing myself. I subscribe to several courses, there are many free classes, small groups will be useful in my later life. Either I am doing research on Youtube, it’s impressive the number of educational video lying around and they are free.



I savor my liberty; I do not have to justify myself for my delays, I allow myself to watch an unlimited number of series and I always have the last words for choice. (A little harder with my daughter, but hey.) Free to leave a weekend in a roadtrip. I have a child and I raise him alone, so I’m free on my daughter’s education. I can walk at home all naked, as I desire. I have less worry. In short I have no one to piss me off. I do not wait for someone to book a trip. The decisions of life is less complicated. Celibacy is an FREEDOM! It is a Gift!



Being in a relationship is not easy, being single is not easy, having children is not always easy as well. Nothing that we will do is easy. I say that we should take the time it takes and trust the Creator. Celibacy is not inferior to marriage, refused to let you denigrate, judged. Especially in churches, religious congregations, which should not be the case. From time to time they even take the person for a homosexual. Huh? I believe that we should respect the people who live these situations, these feelings. I read a lot of testimony about how some people feel about being single, especially women. Do not feel alone, do not isolate yourself. Go out, have fun. And for men you need to stop chasing women if you are not ready to have a serious relationship. Be honest, as soon as it does not tell you to continue, tell her in less than 6 months, frankly.

Look at women who had their first child ‘late’. Serena Williams is pregnant at age 35, Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child at age 50. Hally Berry had her first child at 41, her second child 47, Salma Hayek gives birth at 40 years old, Mariah Carey gives birth to 42 years, Sandra Bullock is married to 41 years. Let’s take our time and do a job you love and succeed in it. Women, do not waste your time, put God first it’s never too late. Take care of your leisure, your personal objects for the moment. He will come! I learned from my mistakes and I will not commit the same. NOTE TO MYSELF!

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